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Chung Family Portraits

Client Chung Family Role Photography Studio Venue Project Notes We hosted a family of four for a family portrait session in our photo studio. What set this photoshoot apart from a lot of typical ones ...

TVC Studio Rental – OnePlus 8T

Client OnePlus Production Top Boy Creative Role Studio Venue Project Notes Our photo studio was rented out for a commercial filming production. The production team made full use of our photo studio and lifestyle areas, transforming ...

The Jungle Book

Client Altfield Interiors FLoristry by Art of Living House of Aurum TRACE Role Art Direction Photography Studio Venue Project Notes Four creative local lifestyle brands in Hong Kong came together for a collaborative product photography shoot. All founded in ...

Phillips Jewels

Client Phillips Jewels Role Photography Videography Studio Venue Project Notes Our team had the opportunity to work with renowned auction house Phillips Jewels as the jewellery photographer and videographer. This work was done with their ...

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