TVC Studio Rental – OnePlus 8T


Top Boy Creative

Studio Venue

Project Notes

Our photo studio was rented out for a commercial filming production. The production team made full use of our photo studio and lifestyle areas, transforming the space into a gamer’s home. The client was smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, with the video production by Top Boy Creative.

The concept of the TV commercial was to demonstrate how the client’s product, OnePlus 8T, could be charged quickly to last a full day for a video gamer. Our studio provided the venue for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room scenes in the final video. Our wood finish floors, mid-century modern furniture and accessories added to the homey feeling of the story.

In addition, we captured some behind-the-scenes images to document the full day of production. Starting in the morning, the bedroom scene made use of the natural sunlight streaming through our windows for a sunny, warm look. Next, the breakfast scene utilized our kitchen area, with the talent seated at our wood surface counter. The art department included our plants, kitchen accessories, and their own potted plants and props to add depth to the set. Later on at night, our studio became a colorful, cozy living space for the gamer to finish his day.

Thank you for producer Jessica Remedios and director Paul Moore for choosing to use our studio!

Commercial filmmaking | Behind-the-scenes photography

Set design details for TV commercial

Hong Kong studio rental for TV Commercial set

Behind-the-scenes at TVC filming | Hong Kong

Behind-the-scenes at OnePlus commercial

Commercial film production lighting | studio rental Hong Kong

Director Paul Moore on set | behind-the-scenes

Dramatic lighting | workshop ten at night

Colorful lighting at night | filmmaking on set


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