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Our team had the opportunity to work with renowned auction house Phillips Jewels as the jewellery photographer and videographer. This work was done with their Hong Kong office for some upcoming auctions, both live and online. In order to make more information available online about their jewellery and watches, Phillips requested photography of their pieces on models and in their packaging. We also produced video that captured the pieces in full 360 degrees.

Part of the collection was shot on site at their office, where we set up all the lighting equipment for a smooth workflow. We conducted the other part of the project at our photo studio in Kennedy Town. The option of shooting in our photo studio allowed for clients to save on equipment transportation fees. Clients also didn’t need to set aside a large enough space at their office, all while enjoying the photoshoot in our comfortable studio space.

For the jewellery photography, our key focus was to capture the pieces in their best light. It was important to allow the jewellery to shine while minimizing distracting reflections on the gemstones. In general, our philosophy for product photography is to shoot straight out of camera. This way the products would appear as natural as possible, and at the same time makes the retouching work more straightforward. At the same time, we still kept poses fresh with the modeled shots, offering a variety of looks for the image catalog.

As for product videography, the challenging part was to keep the pieces to stay in one stable position while rotating on a turntable. Some pieces were very sculptural, while some others looked best when resting at certain angles.  With some creative set ups, we were able to achieve our main objective for the videos. We depicted our client’s jewellery in full detail to show on their online channels.

Thank you Phillips Jewels for working with us! We enjoyed this challenge to produce content with a strict timeline, while keeping a high standard of image quality.

Luxury Jewelry Photography Studio - Hong Kong

Jadeite Photography - Photo Studio Hong Kong workshop ten

Auction Photography Studio - Hong Kong - workshop ten

Diamond Jewellery Photography - product photographer Hong Kong

Men's Jewellery - Product Photography with Model

workshop ten - photography studio in Kennedy Town

Photography Studio Set Up - Hong Kong Kennedy Town

Jewelry Photography with hand model


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