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Project Notes

Four creative local lifestyle brands in Hong Kong came together for a collaborative product photography shoot. All founded in Hong Kong, the brands were: interior decoration by The Altfield Group, fine bone china by House of Aurum, artisan florals by Floristry by Art of Living, and contemporary jade design by TRACE. We were happy to host such an interesting blend of creative minds in our photo studio!

The concept of the photoshoot evolved around a tropical theme. We refined the theme from the idea of highlighting natural textures and shapes from each brand’s products. For example, House of Aurum’s Garten collection featured brightly colored birds and florals. The Nature Collection by TRACE consisted of hand carved jade pieces looking like leaves, flowers, and animals. The bouquets by Floristry by Art of Living celebrated nature’s beauty with fascinating shapes and vibrant colors. Altfield Gallery’s exquisite silverware appeared to be delectable tropical fruits, all handcrafted by talented silversmiths.

First, the team built a mood board to communicate the general look and feel of the project. We established a moody yet eclectic theme, inspired by lush jungles. Next, all the brands worked together to curate the products and props. The overall jungle theme and mood board were the basis for decisions in selecting each piece.

One step that may have differed from some of our other product photography shoots was the spontaneity of each scene’s set up. With so many creative minds coming together to style the photoshoot, we came together as one team to refine the details. On some other photoshoots, our creative process would include a shoot plan with each prop and product listed out. In this case, it was a more free-flowing process to incorporate everyone’s styling talent.

We are so proud that prestigious interior design magazine Home Journal has featured the final photographs in their special anniversary issue!

Creative Product Photography | Hong Kong | workshop ten

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Product Photography | Lifestyle and Home Goods | workshop ten Hong Kong

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