Studio / Venue

An open plan space for multimedia productions, photoshoots, and events.

workshop ten | Kennedy Town photo studio | Hong Kong lifestyle photo studio

multi-functional venue

The photo studio / event venue is approximately 79 m² (850 ft²) and is split into 4 zones: the living area, open area, kitchen area, and a makeup room. A small individual bathroom is located within the unit with simple fixtures.

A 10-minute walk from Kennedy Town MTR Station, workshop ten is a peaceful contrast to the city with its indoor greenery. Natural light streams through the south-facing row of windows, at the same time the bright white walls offer a neutral canvas.

Our venue is available for hire for photo or video shoots, and events such as music jam sessions, friendly gatherings, team building events or food tastings. There is a maximum standing capacity of 40 people. As a yoga studio, it can fit 8 student mats plus 1 teacher mat.

Photo Studio and Venue for hire Hong Kong | workshop ten

Cooking demo space | workshop ten | Hong Kong

the layout

The living area is cozy with Mid-Century modern furniture, providing ample seating to comfortably fit 10 people, with the possibility of additional seats that expand into the open area.

The open area is mostly used for product photoshoots and use of paper backdrops. A dining table is also available for use of hosting F&B events.

The kitchen is equipped with a full size refrigerator with freezer, a tabletop 22L oven, microwave oven, and 2 induction cook tops. Bowls, plates, cutlery, and glasses are available for use. Please request ahead for usage of our Rocket espresso machine.

The makeup room is outfitted with 2 makeup tables, a clothing rack and staging space for props. Crew members can also use this as a waiting area for film shoot rentals.

workshop ten | Photo Studio Floor Plan

Minimal Photography Studio with Natural Light | workshop ten | Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

photo studio

Our space as a photography studio provides full flexibility for different creative needs.

The living space opens up to the south-facing windows, which allow for shooting with natural light while utilizing lifestyle textures. Wood, leather, and cotton are the main natural materials carefully curated for the space; in addition, fabrics, tiles, and materials are available upon request.

For photographers who prefer to shoot with more control, blackout curtains can block sunlight for you to utilize studio strobes for lighting. The space fits a full width 2.7m backdrop, and we also have a work table and materials for commercial product photography.

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event venue

With a maximum standing capacity of 40 people and complete with a kitchen and private bathroom, workshop ten has endless possibilities for event rentals.

The location is a breath of fresh air for corporate off-site meetings, workshops, and coaching sessions with its Mid-Century loft vibe.

workshop ten is also the perfect space for press previews and brand launches, with a kitchen ready to serve refreshments. In addition, blank gallery walls allow each brand to incorporate its own identity into our warm space.

Event space and photo studio | workshop ten | Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


  • Profoto professional lighting equipment:
    • 4 x Profoto D2 1000W
    • Air Remote
  • Profoto light modifiers:
    • OCF 5′ Octobox
    • OCF Zoom Reflector
    • OCF Softbox 2×3′
    • OCF Softbox 1×4′
  • LED video lights: 4 x Aputure LS-mini20d
  • Rolls of 2.7m Superior Seamless Paper
    • (White, Grey, Black, Forsythia Yellow, Carnation Pink, Flame, Deep Green)
  • Light Stands
  • 2 x C-Stands
  • Backdrop Stands
  • V-flats


  • cargo loading garage with free drop-off
  • 2 x cargo lifts
  • 1 x passenger lift
  • full kitchen (induction cook tops, 22L oven, 315L fridge)
  • in-unit bathroom
  • clothing rack and steamer
  • full-length mirror
  • Wi-Fi with optical fiber connection

Profoto D2 lights and softbox • Photography Studio for rent • workshop ten • Hong Kong

Colorful photo backdrops in paper • workshop ten • Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

workshop ten | Hong Kong Island photo studio | Makeup Room

Living Area | Venue for hire in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong | workshop ten

Hong Kong Venue for Rent | Coffee tasting event

workshop ten | Natural Light Photo Studio for Rent on Hong Kong Island | Kennedy Town

Commercial film production lighting | studio rental Hong Kong

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